Livermore Halves & Pieces





Natural walnut kernels consisting of red walnut halves and pieces.  Nut kernels are clean, well-dried, free from excessive defects and damage, and graded in accordance with USDA and DFA standards for grades of shelled walnuts.

LiHaPiWa (1)

Additional Details

Size Tolerance: Halves percentage is approximately 15% or greater with the balance being ¾ halves or large pieces.  No more than 3% can be smaller than large pieces. 

Color: Red 

Variety: The product is made up from the Livermore variety. 

Shell Fragment: 1 per 500 lbs. or better 

Metal or Glass: None allowed 

Packaging: 25 lb. net corrugated cardboard carton made of food grade material with plastic liner inserted in case to preserve freshness. 

Certification: Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco.  

Food Safety: Processed in accordance with GFSI regulations and SQF Level Two certification.  Microbiological testing is performed by an independent laboratory on samples taken at the time of packaging. 

Best Before Date: Up to 18 months from harvest date at optimum storage conditions of 32-38°F (0-3°C).  Up to 6 months when stored in ambient conditions (70°F or higher).

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