Howard Variety





The Howard variety is popular variety among inshell buyers for its large round shape, light color kernels, and high edible yield.  The Howard harvests mid-season. 




Kernel Color:

Mostly Light


Averages 47% - 48%

Halves Yield:

Fairly High

Additional Details

Description: Inshell walnuts consisting of Linden Area Grown Howard variety.

Grading: DFA worksheet certifies product meets or exceeds U.S. standards for #1 internal quality and U.S. #2 external. 

Packaging: 10kg or 25kg sacks. Sacks may be O-G Nut branded bags or plain white bags.Buyer’s brand bags may be packed upon special arrangement.Labels attached to bag include DFA certification tag plus with generic information or specific information provided by buyer. 

Color: External (shell) color is natural.Internal (kernel) color mostly light. 

Yield: Shell is fairly thin and edible yield is typically 47% – 49%.Fairly high halves yield (lower than Chandler, higher than Hartley). 

Best Before Date: Up to 18 months from harvest date at optimum storage conditions of 32-38°F (0-3°C).Up to 6 months when stored in ambient conditions (70°F or higher). 

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