Grower Returns

Grower’s Returns: OG Nut consistently provides competitive returns to our growers.  Our in-house sales and marketing team consistently seeks to place product into the hands of premium buyers in a worldwide market.  Being grower owned, OG’s primary objective is to deliver the highest possible returns to our grower base.

IC-DISC Program: OG Nut established a shared IC-DISC (Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation) program to help reduce the tax burden of our grower base.  This program allows growers to convert a significant amount of their revenue from traditional earned income tax rates to the much lower capital gains tax rate, saving our growers millions of dollars in taxes.  The program is based on revenue generated from export sales.  On average, OG Nut exports account for approximately 78% of annual sales.

Field Staff

Our foremost priority is building time tested relationships with the growers who entrust their crops to OG. Our field staff links together field and facility, providing OG services to our grower base.

Tom Mangrich

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Dale Cantrell

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