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Farming is the foundation of our business and our roots run deep.  The Gogna and Gotelli families have been farming in the Linden area since the early 1950s.  This region offers the perfect soil and climate for two specialty crops, cherries and walnuts.  Today, four generations later, the Gogna and Gotelli families continue as one of the largest cherry growers in the state of California, complimented by a significant amount of acreage in walnuts.  OG Nut processes and market walnuts for over 100 local growers to help meet the supply demands in both the U.S. and international markets.

Vertically Integrated

Al and Del Gotelli were second generation and at a young age recognized the need to vertically integrate their farming operations.  OG Packing was established in 1965 for the receiving, cooling, packing and shipping of fresh California cherries.  Vernon Gogna became a partner in the business shortly thereafter.  Through innovation in engineering OG Packing became one of the first in the world to automate and pack quality fresh cherries in volume, then distributing to domestic and worldwide markets.

Further integration was achieved in 1999 when the families of OG expanded their farming and packing enterprise to establish Grower Direct Marketing for cherries, and OG Nut Sales for walnuts; an in-house partnership for sales, marketing, and shipping of world class produce. 

In 2007 after many years of out-sourcing walnuts the decision was made to invest in OG Nut Company, a walnut processing facility, installing state-of-the-art hulling, drying and sorting and packing lines for both shelled walnuts and inshell.

Our Team

Dennis Gogna

President / General Manager

Don Walters

Sales and Marketing / Walnuts

Juanita Huerta

Logistics / Documents

Prescila Nadonga

Banking / LC management

Ariana Britton

Accounts Receivable

Colton Simpson

Shipping Manager

Ruby Galvan

Shipping Coordinator

Michael Stanley

Credit Manager

Laurel Hanson

Food Safety Coordinator

Kris Harris

Grower Accounting

Jim Hanson

Sales Manager

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