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Our Difference

At OG Nut our mission is to deliver the highest possible returns to our growers through building relationships, offering premium product and providing responsive service to a worldwide buying community.  Contact us to experience the difference.

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Our Strategic Location

We limit our production to walnuts from the Linden Growing region of California.  Linden is considered the world’s preeminent area for growing walnuts. Our warm summer days and cool evening Delta breezes combine for the perfect climate for the production of premium walnuts.

Quality Standards

All walnuts must meet or exceed the standards set by the USDA for in-shell and shelled walnut kernels as outlined in the Federal Walnut Marketing Order. The DFA of California certifies all outbound walnut shipments affirming that OG Linden grown California walnuts are the world’s finest!

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Sales & Marketing

OG Nut Sales is the in-house sales & marketing team of OG Nut Company.  We are full-time and fully committed to building relationships and directly servicing the needs of a worldwide buying community, while delivering competitive returns to our base of premium growers.


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Our Facilities

OG Nut Company state-of-the-art facilities include:
Fumigation Chambers, lnshell Sorting and Packing Line, lnshell Bleaching Line, Shelling line including cracker and electronic sorting, Kernel Sorting and Packing Line, Over 100,000 Sq. Ft. of Cold Storage. Multiple Loading Docks, Certified Scales.

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Packed to Order

California walnuts are produced in a wide range of sizes, color grades and combinations of sizes and colors to meet the specifications of walnut buy­ers for industrial, foodservice and re­tail customers. O.G has the ability to package any combination or blend of inshell walnuts or walnut kernels.

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